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"I always enjoy visiting the studio. I have experienced a beautiful variety of styes from relaxing to fun and sporty, which is just the way I like it. Everyone has also been extremely friendly. Thank you for providing this nice atmosphere."

"My daughter and I LOVE Yoga Mix! She gets to practice in the Moon Studio, while I practice in the Sun Studio. I started going because of the classes offered for her, and now this has become my home studio. Awesome teachers and wonderful classes!"

"Hands down, best yoga studio around. Excellent teachers. And Im very picky... love."

"After taking a break from group practice for a couple of years and doing my own thing I was ready to step into a studio again and practice with a like minded group. After sampling a few studios I just fell in love with Yoga Mix. As a long time yogini and a teacher for many years I'm pretty particular about how my heart feels in a space. As a bodyworker I also have such respect for a space that encourages a safe practice and high respect for "every - body". YM checks all boxes. I am grateful to consider myself part of the family. Namaste"

"Warm and welcoming. Easy to sink in to. Smiling faces, inviting atmosphere. Perfect place to challenge yourself, or nurture yourself-whatever the day or moment calls for. All the good stuff. Highly recommend!"

"Awesome environment with powerful instructors for all levels."

"This is my favorite Jax area Yoga studio. Affordable, clean, friendly, fun, challenging and suitable for all levels. Great teachers make a big difference! 5 Stars!"

"Knowledgeable, professional yoga instructor with a passion for teaching. Inviting, friendly atmosphere. A totally wonderful experience."

"Yoga Mix is truly a perfect mix- ranging from super challenging classes to incredibly restorative classes with excellent, friendly, knowledgeable instructors.
A great workout that doesn't beat up my body. I love Yoga Mix!"