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Wedding Morning Yoga offers the perfect start to your special day. We customize the practice to meet your specific needs along with the needs of your guests. Take a moment to embrace the biggest day of your life. We have a beautiful MIX if you choose to incorporate music, we can allow the ocean to serenade you through your practice or we also offer a live and unplugged blend that will melt your heart. We can meet you on location in the greater Jacksonville and surrounding areas or host here at the studio in beautiful Neptune Beach, Florida. This amazing start to your day will allow you to wake up the body, slow down the mind and savor the importance of the moments created. After a beautiful savasana, (final resting pose) we will have a champagne toast to honor your special day.

From this day forward...

*Pricing varies based on location, number of people and choice of music (additional fee for live acoustic blend).
Please email the studio for more information.